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Park Updates
Events New & Old
Pictures & Movies
Park Updates
Spring  2009

Tons of Repairs and Paint. Its Looking good.


CJ and Rob Dismantle Bank Ramp.

Live Web cam

July 2007-
Re-built Outdoor Pizza Hut box
All new plys and ribs underneath
May 2007-All New Decks on the outdoor course. All Treated Plywood very smooth. Painted the damn thing too. $1500 bucks in Lumber and supplies. We do it cuz we care. Now come out and ride it!

Video Projection System
120 X 90 Screen

Spine Re Sheet March 2005

Most Recent VR Movies
- Quicktime VR of the Latest Ramps click
2002 VR Movie of the outside course
- VR Movies of  Recent Paint Job

-Construction Archive
- In progress VR of the Front Old Construction
-Old  Construction


-Pro-Shop Page

Game Of  S.K.A.T.E 2006 Results 
1st Jake Brode, 2nd Pedro, 3rd ZH Lawn and Snow, 4th Zack Cutshaw,  5th Sean McClish

Game of Skate Pictures

Web Store
The Web Store has been taken down Due to lack of Interest. But you can still call and order stuff 269-345-0374

- 10% off a Complete Skateboard
- Free Generic Hardware when you buy a set of Trucks
- Free Grip when you Buy a Deck

Hours & Prices
(print it, sign it
, bring it)

Contest Results
-BMX Jam 2006 Results

Spine Jam 2005 Results

-Bmx Jam 2004 Results Here
-Lost Results Here

-15th Anniversary Contest Results
14th Anniversary Contest Results
-13th Anniversary contest Results
-12th Anniversary Contest Results
11th Anniversary Skateboard Contest

-10th Anniversary Skateboard Contest Results
-9th Anniversary Contest Results  4/26/99

-Bike contest a success!

The Pro Shop


Piranha Alley Closed Decemeber 30th 2003

Skate Camp 2009 Was A Huge Success !
Thanks to all the Kids who attended , Thanks to C.J and all the Coaches for a Job Well done !
Check out the Pictures From all the Camp Sessions  (HERE)
IMG_6414 by K-zoo Skatezoo Skate Camp.

Pictures From the Best Trick Aug 22nd 2008

Skate Camp 2008 was a Huge Success
We had the best turnout in 7 years
Thanks to everyone who participated in the camp.
Big thanks to CJ, Zach and for a great job. Also thanks to Scott Towne for all the Sole Technology goods he donated.
Photos From Camp Session #1

Photos From Camp Session #2
Photos From Camp Session #3

Skate Camp 2007 Photos
Thanks to Everyone who was in the Camp!
Thanks to CJ and Andy for doing such a great job!

Photos From Skate Camp Session #1 (Click)

o Grindell

Endless Summer Skatepark Film Roseville Michigan
1980  size14mb

 New VR 360 of Ledge box

Pedro Grindell Hitting the new Rail

Misc Photos
-Lost Skate Jam
-Locals Gallery
-Fossil Nite @ Modern Skatepark
-Ferg's Old-timers Page

Pro-Shop Movie

Quicktime VR of the Shop

Movie of the Shop

Park Layout


-QuickTime Vr Tour 

-Brian Rensberry-switch kickflip nose blunt
-Pete Sutfin- backside lip slide on the bar

Demo Photos
-Alien Workshop Demo 2002

-Zoo York Demo Movies
-Consolidated Demo 7/2001
-Awh Stars and Bars Tour
-Tony Hawk  8/11/97

Contest Photos
-13th Anniversary contest pictures
-Movie of The 11th Anniversary  4mb
-Photos from the 10th Anniv Contest