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Spine Jam 2005 Results

This was a good old fashioned backyard style contest.  Just the way I like em.
Don't pay too much attention to the the results. Everybody skated their butts off and took many a slam.
 In the end I had to come up with some results. Here they are

Thanks to everyone that came to watch and to skate. Thanks to Scott Town for announcing and For the Prizes
Other Prizes were donated by Dwindle, DVS, Lakai, Alien Workshop, Sole Technology, Concussion Magazine

  1. Brian Rensberry
  2. Joe Lanenga
  3. Jason Bosch
  4. Bart
  5. Dave Amell
  6. Scott Piepenga
  7. Neal Means
  8. Seth Barnes
  9. Judd Pulver
  10. Tyler Farley
  11. Andy Haan
  12. Pedro Grindel
  13. John Zimmerman
  14. Rich "Strictly Auto Glass" Haralson