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Repair Projects Need Your Help
If you have enjoyed the K-zoo Skate Zoo over the last 25 years and would like to help us
 continue to provide a fun safe place to skate in Kalamazoo please donate.
All funds collected will go toward repair projects


New Indoor Ramps  Nov. 2004 Outdoor Skatepark Construction

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Movie 1  6-26/2000
Older VR Movies
You Need QuickTime to View these Movies

Skate Zoo From the floor 1/29/99

Movie-2  6/28/2000

Skate Zoo Vr (On the Spine) 1/19/99

Movie-3 7/2000

Spine Reconstruction-1 11/19/99

Movie-4  7/5/2000

Spine Finished 11/19/1999

Movie-5  7/8/2000

Movie of Skate Zoo very old

Final Movie  7/11/2000


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