BMX Jam 2006
Ripped from

That's Dave Moon and Luke McGarry doing what they do best. The Kzoo Jam was really fun and shit went down like mad nuts. I have to hit the road right now but I'll try to post later from the road. Click on the Kzoo Slide Show for some photos. If you click on the photos during the show there are captions and shit....
Here are the results, real quick
1. Joe Douglas
2. Dustin Eib
3. Chris Molina
4. Dave Waite
5. Tyler Hill (busted his teeth in the first run of the day, bummer)
1. Nathan Lavasser
2. Josh Follet
3. Dillion Bell
4. Cameron Minarovic
1. Dave Moon
2. Dane Wild
3. Jeremy Ball
4. Luke McGarry