BMX Jam 2004

    The 2004 Kzoo BMX Jam went down this weekend in Kalamazoo, Michigan and it was a blast!  Saturday night was a hot and heavy session from 6-midnight with dudes (and even a couple girls!) flying all over the park, both inside and out.  It was seriously nuts outside for awhile with the Van Orman brothers (Beeler and Ted), Jeff Degryse, Project Pat and everyone else getting it done.  There was even an appearance by a dude simply known as "The Legend", who tore up the park in a curiously wild style.
   Sunday morning dawned early and perfect with clear skies and cool temps.  There were kids at the park at 8:30am hot to get at it and it was non-stop all day long.  There were three classes, beginner, intermediate and expert.  The pro class was vetoed in exchange for a half-hour, non-format pro jam after all the classes had run.  Top three in all the classes got seriously hooked up with prizes from DK, Primo, FBM, Etnies and Deliverance Clothing.  Andy Dowdy and myself organized the whole deal, but we couldn't have pulled it off without the help of Brian Rensberry from Kzoo, as well as help from my wife, Gail, the Trevino family, who cooked up veggie dogs and meat dogs (for free!), the judges (Mike O'bryan, Bob and Ryan), who held it down for all three classes and Jeremy Ball, who helped me out with the microphone duties, as well as ripping it up in the Pro Jam.  And of course, the whole thing couldn't have happened without the venue itself and the cooperation of Bill Fergusson, who handed over his beloved Skate Zoo to us for the weekend.  The Kzoo Skate Zoo is one of, if not the longest running privately owned skateparks in the country and much thanks goes out to Bill for his support and for running a great park.  Big props to everyone who showed up and to the sponsors for kicking down so much product.  No one got hurt, nothing got wrecked and some serious BMX antics went down--I love BMX!
scott towne
1. Patrick Ellis
2. Skylar Murray
3.  Chris Bevins
1. Brian Prescott
2.  TJ Lowe
3.  Brian Sheridan (I think)
1. Dave Moon
2.  Luke McGary
3.  Joe Weist